Turns Benefits of Basil Very Extraordinary

Basil is a plant commonly grown during the rainy season begins to take place. This plant has a small tree resemble grass. His body was wrapped in fine hairs are safe to touch. Mentioned in wikpedia.org, plants can be planted in gardens, in the yard, on the sidewalks, in the field, and in huma-huma. Generally, the plant is grown as a cultivated plant..

The terrain is appropriate for this plant is in the plains to the height of 500 meters above sea level. The proliferation of this plant can be done by seed.

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In the basil flowers, seeds are widely used by the community as a substitute for basil seeds.

Leaves of basil has a distinctive flavor and aroma. The taste and aroma of the leaves are then widely used as a salad meal with fish penyet. Too often the aroma enhancer for food counters and Karedok.

Health Benefits of Basil’s

What are the benefits? The following I will explain the details.

1. Maintain Eye Health
The first benefits of basil leaves are medicinal eye health carers.

Basil leaves contain vitamin A are able to maintain healthy eyes.

How to consume is in the form of beverages can also be eaten raw or with rice.

Although vitamin A contained in the basil leaves is not as much vitamin A in carrots, but the amount is still enough to maintain eye health.

2. Overcome Bad Breath

Probably not many people know that basil is also very effective to treat the problem of bad breath.

In addition to bad breath, basil is also able to cope with unpleasant body odor.

Therefore, many traditional ingredients that involve basil to treat the problem of bad breath and body odor.

3. Against Early menopause

Behind the distinctive aroma, basil is an herb that can be used as medicine delay menopause.


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