Turns Benefits of Basil Very Extraordinary

Basil is a plant commonly grown during the rainy season begins to take place. This plant has a small tree resemble grass. His body was wrapped in fine hairs are safe to touch. Mentioned in wikpedia.org, plants can be planted in gardens, in the yard, on the sidewalks, in the field, and in huma-huma. Generally, the plant is grown as a cultivated plant..

The terrain is appropriate for this plant is in the plains to the height of 500 meters above sea level. The proliferation of this plant can be done by seed.

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In the basil flowers, seeds are widely used by the community as a substitute for basil seeds.

Leaves of basil has a distinctive flavor and aroma. The taste and aroma of the leaves are then widely used as a salad meal with fish penyet. Too often the aroma enhancer for food counters and Karedok.

Health Benefits of Basil’s

What are the benefits? The following I will explain the details.

1. Maintain Eye Health
The first benefits of basil leaves are medicinal eye health carers.

Basil leaves contain vitamin A are able to maintain healthy eyes.

How to consume is in the form of beverages can also be eaten raw or with rice.

Although vitamin A contained in the basil leaves is not as much vitamin A in carrots, but the amount is still enough to maintain eye health.

2. Overcome Bad Breath

Probably not many people know that basil is also very effective to treat the problem of bad breath.

In addition to bad breath, basil is also able to cope with unpleasant body odor.

Therefore, many traditional ingredients that involve basil to treat the problem of bad breath and body odor.

3. Against Early menopause

Behind the distinctive aroma, basil is an herb that can be used as medicine delay menopause.


Wow, Pineapple consumption benefits Why Can Prevent Cancer

PINEAPPLE is of the many delicious fruits that provide many health benefits. In fact, one of the benefits of eating pineapple is to prevent various types of cancer. In addition, eating pineapple every day can boost the immune system. So, you’re not easy to get sick. There are still some benefit other pineapple, following as quoted from page Boldsky.,

Boosting the immune system Pineapple enriched with vitamin C, and this helps reduce the risk of disease and boost the immune system by stimulating the activity of white blood cells. It also helps the body fight the harmful effects of pathogens. Reduce inflammation of the joints Eating pineapple every day will also help reduce inflammation in joints and muscles.

This is mainly on those affected by arthritis problems. Preventing cancer Pineapple is also enriched with antioxidants that fight cancer. Some other antioxidants, including vitamin A, beta carotene, bromelain, and a variety of flavonoid compounds, manganese has been found in pineapple can prevent cancer of the mouth and throat, and chest. This is the best reason to eat pineapple. Improve digestive health Pineapple is known to contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. Therefore, eating pineapple can protect you from the problem of constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and gastrointestinal-related problems.

Benefits and Side Effects Papaya Young’s Health

Benefits and side effects to the health of young papaya – Who has not ever eat papaya? The orange colored fruit tastes good. Moreover, if consumed in a cold state and at the time of the afternoon heat. It must be very refreshing.\

Speaking of papaya, is not only ripe papaya are edible. Even young papaya can you consume, ie as a vegetable or as a natural remedy health. It has been proved by many people that the young papaya fruit has a tremendous benefit to health.

The benefits of papaya itself very much. You can use it as needed. But you also have to remember, do not consume to excess. Therefore, the young papaya fruit also has side effects. For more details, here are some of the benefits and side effects to the health of young papaya fruit:
Benefits and Side Effects Papaya Young’s Health
Benefits and Side Effects Papaya Young’s Health

The benefits of papaya fruit

1. Boost the immune system

Young papaya has a natural ingredient that can help boost the immune system. Neither the young papaya fruit and seeds can make the body become stronger and more resistant to disease. This is because of vitamin A, C, and E. And if you want to avoid colds, infections, and cough, eat papaya regularly..

2. Maintain digestion

Papaya contains the enzyme papain and chymopapain that can help maintain digestive health and the formation of gas in the stomach. By consuming the young papaya fruit regularly, then the stomach will avoid bloating and also will avoid digestive problems.

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3. Curing constipation

The content of papain in papaya fruit can also help overcome constipation naturally. Even ripe Papin did not have as much papaya. Therefore, papaya is very good for your consumption.

4. Clean intestine

Young papaya also contain that can help cleanse your colon naturally. The content of nutrients and minerals in it can be healthy digestion. Young papaya fruit consumed regularly will help clean the intestines of toxins and unwanted impurities.
5. Lose weight

For those of you who are on a diet, you can try to benefit from this young papaya. Regularly consume green papaya can help you lose weight. This is because the young papaya enzyme content higher than ripe papaya. The enzyme has the effect to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Young papaya can help improve metabolic system, thus burning fat becomes more leverage.

6. Overcoming worms

Worms usually often experienced by young children. To fix this, you can give the young papaya fruit. The trick, mix one tablespoon of papaya juice and honey in equal amounts. Then add 3-4 tablespoons of warm water. Mix well and drink half of it for children aged 7-10 years. After the next two hours, drink a mixture of castor oil 30ml in 250ml of warm milk. Perform this treatment for two days.

7. Increasing milk production

To increase your milk supply can also be by consuming papaya. Young papaya has a natural ingredient that can help increase milk production. So the mother is no longer concerned about the lack of breast milk for the baby.

8. Protect from urinary tract infections

Young papaya is consumed regularly can also help protect your urinary tract from infection. This is due to a natural ingredient that effectively protects against urinary tract infections.


Fruit tamarind (Tamarindus indica) not only used for cooking, can also be used as a medicinal herb. It works very much because it can address a variety of health problems you’re going through.

There are vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese and fiber in each butirbuah the sour flavor. There are also anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants in it which adds to the length plus the value of tamarind.

Here are the properties of tamarind, quoted from various sources, which can be felt if consumed regularly:

1. Lower bad cholesterol
Bad cholesterol in the blood can lead to various diseases, including heart disease. Tamarind can be lowered because it contains antioxidants.

You can make herb turmeric, tamarind drink each day for those benefits.

2. Lose weight
Hydroxycitric acid contained in tamarind can reduce the production and accumulation of fat in the body. Besides, he also suppress appetite thus helping to lose weight.

3. Prevent Cancer
Substance that acts to prevent cancer is an antioxidant. In addition there is a substance called acid tertarat which also plays a role in protecting the body from free radicals. This is all to prevent cancer in the body.

4. Control blood pressure
People with hypertension can eat tamarind regularly because it contains iron and potassium to control blood pressure. Besides the production of red blood cells was better in the presence of iron..

5. Diabetes decreases
Blood sugar will be more controlled consumption of tamarind. He helps the body to not absorb a lot of carbohydrates so that blood sugar does not rise dramatically.

6. The immune system
Various nutrients in tamarind also good for boosting the immune system, to prevent the occurrence of some diseases that are caused by viruses.

7. Constipation
Difficult bowel movement or constipation became more easily avoided by consumption of tamarind, because it contains fiber pectin and tannins. This healthy digestion so that constipation can be reduced.

Benefits Leaves Greeting for Health: Treat Ulcer until Diarrhea

Greetings or Syzygium polyanthum is a tree of leaves or leaf spices / seasoning used for processed food.
Bay leaves have the characteristic scent of cooking so that the leaves are widely used by people as an extra spice in cooking. Tree leaves have reached a height of approximately 30 m to the size sedan and gemang 60 cm.
Then the bark is brown in color gray and scaly. Bay leaves are very popular and widely used in the countries of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia..

In addition to making food becomes fragrant and delicious, bay leaves also contain nutrients that are very good for health.
Nutrient content in leaves include calorie, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B-6, and vitamin C.
With the nutrient content, consume leaves very helpful to meet the necessary nutrients the body, so that the health body was awake.
Kemudiaan leaves also serves as a drug for treating some diseases that will be discussed below. In this article we will explain about the benefits to the health of the bay leaves.

Daun Salam For Health Benefits

1. Treating Ulcer
Bay leaf health benefits for the first one is the bay leaves can treat ulcer disease.
Therapeutic treatment using bay leaves that is by providing a 15-20 bay leaves that have been washed with clean, then boiled with half a glass of water to the boil, add brown sugar to taste. After that drink every day on a regular basis until the stomach pains disappear.

2. Treating Diarrhea
Bay leaf health benefits for the second one is the bay leaves to treat diarrhea. Therapeutic treatment using bay leaves that is by providing 15 bay leaves boiled and drunk.

3. Treating Scabies Or Rashes
Bay leaf health benefits for the third one is the bay leaves to treat scurvy or itch.
Therapeutic treatment using bay leaves that is by providing the leaves / bark / roots that have been washed with clean then finely ground such as porridge, then apply on the affected part.

4. Treating Drunk For Alcohol
Bay leaf health benefits for the fourth one is the bay leaves can treat the influence of alcohol.
Therapeutic treatment using bay leaves that is by providing a handheld regards the fruit is ripe and washed with clean, then pounded until smooth, squeezed and filtered water to drink.

5 Benefits of Turmeric For Health

Turmeric is a part of natural spices that often we encounter everyday. Turmeric is often used for a variety of Indonesian food pengertian Not only adds to the delicious and taste of the food, turmeric also has many health benefits.

Some of the benefits of turmeric following will not make you hesitate to consume turmeric.

Overcome indigestion

In a research journal National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health, mentioned a supplement made from turmeric plant, effective to overcome the body inflammation that causes heartburn and indigestion. Iris turmeric, boiled with water, mix with 1 teaspoon of whiting, stirring until smooth. Filtered water and a cold drink after a regular basis during the three days will help overcome indigestion.

Reduce the risk of heart

A study in 2012 examined the content of curcumin in turmeric that is considered capable of preventing heart attacks. When some patients before heart surgery taking capsules of curcumin, the result is only 13 percent of patients taking curcumin back in impaired heart attack. Turmeric is not a substitute for medication for a heart attack, but because of the content of curcumin acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory can reduce the risk of heart attack in people who have undergone cardiac bypass surgery.

preventing diabetes

Diabetes is able to be prevented with a lot of things. Research American Diabetes Association says that the capsules of curcumin can prevent prediabetes becomes diabetes type 2. You can make herb turmeric into a drink. Mix it with a little honey when drunk.

Protect your brain cells

Not only curcumin, but the content of ar-turmeron or aromatic turmeron also helps repair cells in the brain stem. Research on the content of aromatic turmeron to the function of stem cells in the adult brain to say that the aromatic turmeron can prevent diseases that attack the brain. Journal of the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health said that, if taken correctly, turmeric can prevent Alzheimer’s.

Relieve joint pain

Benefits of Turmeric has also been studied against someone who experience joint pain. Journal of the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health said turmeric extract equals ibuprofren medications that can reduce joint pain in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. A simple recipe is to add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder at breakfast, or you can try mixing them into a glass of warm milk in the morning..

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Diligent Use Olive Oil For Skin Moisturizer, It’s Worth

Any woman who did not want to have beautiful skin, soft, smooth and well-maintained? All women would want it. Not only women,  most men are currently so pay attention to health and beauty of their skin so that she can still look impressive and fascinating for people in the vicinity.

Caring for the skin is not only done to get a beautiful skin is protected only. Furthermore, the best treatment is done for the skin also aims to get healthy skin, youthful and free from the risk of diseases especially skin cancer. Regarding skin care, quoted from page boldsky.com, there is a natural way that you can do. The way is to use olive oil as a skin moisturizer.

Once you’re diligent use olive oil as a skin moisturizer, there are some amazing benefits that you can get. These benefits include the following.

Troubleshooting chapped skin
The first benefit is overcoming problems chapped skin. When your skin is prone to problems of dry skin, chapped or scaly, keep using olive oil as a natural moisturizer on a daily basis.

Smooth Skin
The content of nutrients and vitamins contained in olive oil are excellent in smooth and soften the skin. Nutrition is also very good at making the skin become more healthy, youthful and protected from sun exposure and pollution.

moisturize Skin
If you want to get a natural and healthy moist skin, be sure to use olive oil as a natural moisturizer every day. The content of antioxidants contained in olive oil are believed to help skin become more healthy, moist and well maintained.

Lifting the dead skin cells
Dead skin cells are left in the skin is the main cause of various skin problems. Therefore, it is important for us to raise or eliminate them. The easiest way to remove dead skin cells are using olive oil as well as natural moisturizing masks also scrubs.

Skin Lightening
Skin bright, smooth and well maintained will make a person look more attractive and impressive. Olive oil has an important role in the process of enlightenment. Indeed, enlightenment can not be done within a short time. However, even though it requires a long enough period of time, the result will never disappoint..

Ladies, that’s some amazing benefits of olive oil are used as a natural moisturizer. In addition to the above benefits, other benefits are as anti blackheads and pimples, blemishes of acne scars, tightens the skin and prevent premature aging. I hope this information is helpful. So, do not hesitate anymore right for utilizing olive oil as a natural moisturizer?